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A blog authored by Virus610 that is in some way related to web development, game development, gaming, jogging, music, working, and a bunch of other things I can't currently think of.

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Best apocalypse ever - 2012-12-21 15:59:28 (1 comment)
Here I am, farting around instead of sleeping, and still getting used to just how overwhelmingly convenient I've made my life. Sure, things like moving out will be slightly less pleasant, but since I currently spend easily 90% of my waking hours sitting at my computer, why not amp up the convenience a little?

I haven't quite decided on what to do with all this extra workspace, but I think that I'm on the right track.

Naturally, this calls for a picture, but of course, it's been so long since I've taken a photo of something that my camera's battery is dead.

I don't really have much else to report. Unsurprisingly, I am aware that I haven't been blogging. I mostly just assume that the streaming is adequate, now that I'm back to it. Except for the fact that I'll be out of town for several days, soon, and not streaming a thing.

Ah, what can you do? Really, I just felt the need to show off my triple (Or perhaps 2.58x) monitor setup, because it's exciting for me.

*Brag* *Brag* *Brag*

Camera ought to be sufficiently charged for a single photo by now. (It wasn't. In fact, I tried 4 times before actually having enough charge to take a single photo. Eesh.)

Sick! Yay! - 2012-08-20 19:39:01 (1 comment)
The early signs of a cold have just arrived the day before I go back home and stream a whole bunch! Woooooooooo!

Why am I blogging about this? Mostly for my own records. I tend to forget when a cold starts, and I like to know, when it's over, just how long it stuck around for. It averages around 3 weeks, and with all the talking involved with streaming, that's gonna be fun. Now, take into account the fact that 4 days from now, my cold will probably be in full-power-kick-virus-in-the-balls-mode. Guess what else happens in 4 days. Dark Souls.

I'm probably in for some misery in the coming week or two, so tune in tomorrow to witness a (most likely) very grumpy, very groggy, Virus!

Being greedy - 2012-06-27 22:20:22 (2 comments)
So I decided I do what I don't like doing, and put a single ad on P610. Sits right there at the top, and tells everybody who looks at my site "I am trying to turn you into money".

It's nothing personal, really. Almost everybody I know uses adblock, anyway. I just figure that maybe I'll make a cent or two that I wouldn't have made otherwise.

In other news, I did some things. Moved. Music'd. Started streaming (Note the exciting and colourful button!) again. You know, things!

Oh and I built a computer. It's wonderful. I'll have to write about that some time, but for now, I want to bore the world by streaming Dwarf Fortress.

Boop boop beep beep beep beep boop boop - 2011-12-08 18:40:18 (1 comment)
After organizing everything in one convenient spot, I noticed the list of abandoned projects was quite extensive, and gave a few of the items in said list an extra listen or two. It motived my to try to unbandon them. Results below!

I'll save the best for last, meaning the shitty song11 comes first! I did my best to make something of it, and I wasn't really pleased with the outcome:

Oh well, can't win 'em all. Song13, on the other hand, had a lot more potential than I gave it credit for. I think I just abandoned it in favour of song16 because I was going for creepy at the time. It started off like so:

And I managed by some miracle to turn it into:

I'm pretty pleased with the outcome. I'm feeling a bit unsure about the excessive pitch bending and the dog-whistle pitched notes near the end, but it's got a start and a finish, so yay!

Music - 2011-12-07 03:03:56 (2 comments)
As per popular request (Not so much a lot of people requesting, but getting the same request multiple times from one person) I will cram all of my music into one section and plop a link on the menu.

Completed songs

Works in progress


Abandoned projects
    I've pretty much given up on these, and have no intention of reviving them. This list will also probably end up very long. It's only here to give people an idea of my thought process or whatever.

    "Contra-ish" song
  • song3_00.mp3

  • "Space-ish" song
  • song4_00.mp3

  • "Hero-ish" song
  • song5_00.mp3

  • "This barely even has a rhythm" song
  • song7_00.mp3

  • "Who made this?" song (No, seriously, I don't do chords. This can't have been me.)
  • song8_00.mp3

  • "Familiar for some reason" song
  • song9_00.mp3

  • "First attempt at eerie" song (Gave it a second chance, still not feelin' it.)
  • song11_01.mp3

  • "Powerup-ish" song
  • song12_00.mp3

  • "Happy-ish" song
  • song15_00.mp3

  • "Dance-y" song New!
  • song25_00.mp3

Two finished songs! (Actually three!) - 2011-12-06 06:37:22 (0 comments)
So I didn't get around to posting an update earlier because my website died for over a day (Thanks HostMDS) when I was in the mood to write, and fell out of the mood for a while. During that time, I finished Song10 and started/finished Song16! Though I think I might make some changes to 16 depending on feedback. Listen to 'em after the jump!


Here's Song10! Also known to some as happycutesong.mp3

I'm honestly totally surprised by how well it ended up. I felt a bit like I was just getting lazy when I chose to end it where I did, but the more I listen to it, the more I think it's just right. It isn't too repetitive, it isn't over complex. It's wonderful! My first finished song ever, and it's a good'un.

As for Song16... While the cute songs I make are nice and all, I've been trying to make uncute ones for the sake of diversity. Only downside is that it's hard as hell. Everything I do sounds cute! I couldn't figure out why the hell it was happening. I managed to come up with a gloomy enough background track, (I even managed to make it in 3/4 time, just for the hell of it.) but the melody I was laying over it was dissonant and cheery.

I brought my woes to Arisuki, and she tried to teach me about scales, keys, and other things I glanced at in the past and ran away after feeling overwhelmed. She walked me through some of the basics, and before I knew it I was poking my keyboard and gloomy sounds were coming out! All because I tried using the A-minor scale. I immediately got to work with my newly discovered knowledge, and the tunes were just pouring out of me. It was amazing.

I have Arisuki to thank for being able to show off Song16, which is tentatively known as fastanxioussong.mp3 (Newer than Youtube video below)

I'm not quite as pleased with 16 as I am with 10, but I still think I did alright. 10 was a fluke of astronomical proportions.

Criticism I've received so far:
The end bit sounds a bit mish-mashy.
- There's a bit of a method to my madness in that regard. The feeling I got from this song was that I was being chased by a ghost and had to get the hell out of whatever lair this ghost inhabited. As the song goes on, the ghost gains on you, loses you a little, but near the end it becomes apparent that you're not going to make it, gets all panicky and then you're caught.

Maybe that's not the right way to portray that. Though the imagery gives me a few ideas for a title. I'll decide on that later on.

You get thrown into the song at full speed right away.
- This has been remedied with a quick little startup bit, refer to the mp3 to hear the updated version, as I couldn't be bothered to reupload to Youtube.



Song16 has been given some constructive criticism with which I was inclined to agree. It's been updated, but the Youtube video remains out of date because let's be serious, it's going to get 20 views like everything else.


Am I on a roll or am I on a roll?


The talent just keeps flowing. I'm afraid if I sleep that I'll lose whatever blessing I've stumbled across and be making garbage when I wake up. Might as well enjoy it while it lasts.

Vacation - 2011-11-30 05:57:36 (2 comments)
So for about 2 weeks now, I've been in Barbados. Got some sun, a minor burn, swam a bit. Mostly I stayed inside and played Minecraft. (This isn't a bad thing. A vacation's about enjoying yourself, right? I certainly spent time doing things I enjoyed, so I'd say mission accomplished.)

Also, I started doing something I haven't done in a while. Not sure if I'll keep at it, but here's a totally useless sneak preview!

Wish I could get over feeling embarrassed every time I do something one would consider creative. I'm experimenting with arpeggios this time around, and hoping I can come up with something longer than the previous things.

Looking back at some of my micro-projects, I don't even remember making some of these. One of them definitely sounds way too good for something I would've created. I really would like to believe that I did this song8 without any assistance, but it just seems too good to be true. I'll look into the matter and fill you in one of these days!




Don't ask, one of my abandoned micro-projects.


I'm fairly pleased with it so far, so here you go! You get to hear song10 in its alpha state!


Yar - 2011-10-21 19:38:44 (1 comment)
"Dress like a pirate, Virus!" "Dress like a pirate, Virus!" "Dress like a pirate, Virus!"

Fine! But I need a hat. I won't be a pirate without a hat. Oh, hats are $30, and yet this second hand leather jacket is only $15. Obvious solution: Make a hat, and the rest of my costume if need be.

So here's my costume! Well, most of it, and evidently unmodified. Total came out to under $30. Missing: Boots, cutlass.

I didn't take any pictures of my tools... Because they're needles, thread and sinew. I considered picking up a seam remover, but remembered that I'm cheap, and have a pair of seam removers already.
(Here would be a photo of me flexing, foreshadowing my brutish method of taking the jacket apart by tearing it at the seams. Alas, I am self conscious and deleted the photo.)

So here is my first victim. A $14.99 leather jacket. I don't feel too guilty about the impending violation of the jacket since it's totally something I would never wear.

First thing's first, I uh... Eviscerated... The jacket made from skin. Yeah... I took out the lining. I also took a sleeve off. Evidently, this isn't a step-by-step documentation so much as "Oh right! I should take a picture!" (Also starring my finger in the corner. Camera died right after the photo was taken, couldn't be bothered to wait for it to charge to take another.)

Some really tiring manliness happens (I do indeed tear the jacket apart at the seams, accidentally ripping the leather in a couple of insignificant spots.) and here we are. I would eventually take a few more pieces off because they're in my way, but no more 'all the leather' photos.)

Minecrafters only have to go this far, they have no idea how fortunate they are.

I really should've had some more tools handy, but I did not. I measured the circumference of my head with a piece of thread. It conveniently came out to pretty much the length of a sleeve.

I placed the circumference thread in a very sloppy ring around the approximate centre of the leather, blew at the middle, and it became a circle! Then, using all the tools at my disposal (Thread, dry-erase marker) I make a circle. I had wrapped some thread around the marker and tried to anchor the side at the centre with my finger. Well, evidently, the circle was way too small, so I tried it again and it came out a bit better. Cut it out with really blunt scissors, and at this point I realized it would be quite a painful job.

I don't know why I took this picture, but enjoy:

Did some more cutting. The larger circle piece was done in the same way as the first one. It came out incredibly lopsided, and would later require some more precise, yet still terribly non-precise measuring and cutting.

Now that the 'easy' stuff is over, I had to turn the walls of the cap into a circle, and not a line. This would be my first time doing any real sewing. (I tried once as a child to turn a damaged blanket into a pillow as a gift for my mother. Didn't have a clue what I was doing, and the thing fell apart. As did I, because I was mortified that my mother's gift was a failure. It's honestly a miracle I ever tried sewing again!) Marvel at my beautiful needle work. If you can tell the difference between mine and the stitching already in the jacket! Aha!

With my ring of leather complete, it's time to add another piece! I went with the top of the cap, because it'd at least give me something to wear and say "It's sort of a hat" before I finished. Also, I sewed it like this so there wouldn't be visible stitches when it's in hat-mode. Not sure if that's normal, but it worked for me.

I sewed all the way around once, and intended to go all the way back because it would make my stitching look like the stitching in the jacket. Since that was all I really had to go with. I did feel the need to at least make sure it fit at this point.

Looks preeeeetty silly, I know. Anyway, I sew back the other way, things tighten up nicely. You can still see light through gaps if you look at the inside, but it stays together, and that's what I was going for.

Sewing the brim on, I seem to have forgotten to take a picture while sewing, but here it is in the same half-done state as the cap picture above. Yes, I am topless, because leatherworking makes me warm!

Sewed back around, attached bits to the cap to make it tricorny, and voila, shoddy craftsmanship at its best!

As much as it may look like it's falling apart, it's quite secure! I couldn't have done it without the coaching I got from Chezlin. Though it's not because of her that it looks as terrible as it does. That is entirely due to my laziness, and lack of experience. I have her to thank for telling me how to keep the stitches from falling out, and what tools were absolutely necessary. So thanks!

Now I must work on my shirt.

Edit: I was very complacent, and taking the compliments I was receiving far too readily. Yes, it was my first attempt at sewing, but there were some very major issues with the hat. Unhemmed brim made the hat look more like just a bunch of shreds of jacket piled on the floor. It now has a bit more shape (Though my hemming could certainly use some work), and with a hem, I was able to feed a coat hanger around the edge of the brim to retain a bit of its form. It was then pinned up like before, but with less of a beak-like point on the front. The photo of the result was taken with my phone due to my camera battery deciding to die on me.

I found that every time I took the hat off and put it on again, the wire frame would do something funky, and as time went on, it would start to defy my commands and obey gravity instead. That made it look like some combination of a cowboy/robinhood hat. Unacceptable. I toiled with it for a while before finding a less-comfortable way to pin the brim to the cap which limits the hat's ability to hug my head, (Feels more like it's just sitting on top, instead of being worn, also falls off much more readily.) but again improved the look by an enormous amount. Doing so also enabled me to have the front raised, taking away from the cowboy/robinhood look, and making it much more distinctly a tricorne. The result is below:

It's still not perfect, the hemming is abysmal, and the comfort thing is a sacrifice I had to make for appearance purposes. This is due, in part, to making the brim too short. Unfortunately I used as much material as I could without sewing more bits and pieces together. I see now that I should've sewn more bits and pieces together. I'm not about to undo the look I finally managed to accomplish, however, and will instead keep this in mind in the event that I try to make another hat one day.

If I do, I think I will use more suitable tools, and probably more suitable leather.

Editedit: I worked on my shirt! Here's a terrible before photo:

I removed all of the buttons, and - in a few strategic spots - gouged holes through where buttons used to be using one of my leatherworking needles. I sewed the bottom half of the shirt to itself, and then fed a 91cm lace (Should've got a longer one, but alas, it was cheap, and came in a pack of 4) through the holes in the top half.

I made a 'bubble' (as a friend described it) in each sleeve to feed another 91cm lace through so that, when the lace was pulled on, the sleeve would look ruffled at a point. Folded in the cuff, ran the lace through some holes, tied it off, and voila! A terrible after photo:

Went to look for boots at the thrift store again, and found nothing, but I did find a (really nice, perfect condition) longcoat for 20 bucks. Wasn't really hoping to spend as much as I have spent now, but the jacket could actually see some use outside of halloween! Searched a dollar store for some other items, found myself a bandana (Also needs staining, like the shirt), though the only cutlass they had was so curved you could mistake it for a sickle. It was also really short and probably meant for a small child.

I headed on over to a local Party Packagers and got myself a much nicer looking sword as well as a flintlock pistol for like 7 bucks total. The costume is coming together nicely, and is looking like this so far:

I tried after taking that photo to stain the bandana and shirt with tea, but used far too much water, and basically very slightly yellowed the shirt and wasted a few teabags. I'll be giving that another shot shortly.

Editeditedit: Staining complete! A bunch of Coffee and a lot less water did the trick.

Regarding being pulled over on my bike - 2011-09-22 13:49:59 (0 comments)
I don't think I actually blogged about this one - which is odd because it would've made great blog fodder (That is... A topic I throw my blog at and see what sticks.) - but essentially, the day I bought a secondhand bike, I got pulled over. Details below, as well as new thoughts about it.

I was salty, that's for sure. I was let off with a warning, mind you, but I got pulled over for a non-issue. According to a page of MTO's website:

HTA 62(17) - Lights
    a bike must have a white front light and a red rear light or reflector if you ride between 1/2 hour before sunset and 1/2 hour after sunrise and white reflective tape on the front forks and red reflective tape on rear forks. Set fine: $20.00

I had all that, and got pulled over because I didn't have a red light on the back of my bike.

You can bet your bottom dollar that I ranted about this to friends and family, but time has passed, and I've taken a few trips that have changed my opinion on the matter.

There's a certain stretch of Yonge street between Aurora and Newmarket that has no lights. It isn't a long stretch (We're talking 0.75km or so) but it is uphill, and it comes about halfway through my trip home. I'm already a bit tired when I hit this point, and it's always long after dark that I'm riding on this road, so I do wobble a little left and right while climbing.

(Below is an artist's rendition of the aforementioned dark stretch of road.)

I've had several cars and buses zip by me as I struggle up the hill. I consider that, in the event that my reflector doesn't make itself incredibly obvious combined with my tendency to wear dark clothing while riding an otherwise dark bicycle, maybe they won't see me on this road. The speed limit is 60km/h, so obviously people are going 70-80 while I'm crawling up the hill at maybe 10-15.

It isn't impossible that, without a rear light, I'd have been taken out by someone who couldn't see me. That said, I change my previous opinion about the officer being naggy, and honestly appreciate the warning I was given.

Positive Reinforcement - 2011-09-17 16:23:21 (0 comments)
One of those popular child-raising theories. Pretty simple: "Reward someone for doing something good. Not necessarily every time, just enough to get them to hope they'll get something out of behaving." Combine that with a very optimistic child (Eg: Myself) and you get a very well behaved person who is very hard to surprise with a gift.

For as long as I can remember, I've had some scenario in my mind where I was once asked by my mother to drop what I was doing to help her with something. Upon doing so, I found that she was trying to bait me into a surprise. It worked, and I felt rewarded for helping her, because even though it might not have been planned by her, it was assumed that if I refused to stop doing what was important to me, she might've changed her mind about the surprise.

I don't know if that scenario ever actually happened, because I don't remember any major details, but the scenario is in my head, so I assume it was just something that happened when I was very young.

Anyway, in the 20 or so years to follow, every time I was asked to do something, I would consider the possibility of it being a possible attempt to bait me into a surprise. As my lack of recollection of any actual event of this nature happening or me, I'm pretty sure I always ended up without a surprise. I generally would get a "Thank you", though, which is nice.

I would be lying if I said that this kind of excessive optimism isn't at least partially responsible for the number of nice things that I do. Granted, there aren't usually many scenarios where I'm asked to sacrifice something to help someone else, which would have a small - but not infinitesimal - chance of yielding some sort of reward.

Such a scenario presented itself to me, yesterday. After a very tired day of doing things I can't remember, due to the only thing on my mind for the bulk of the time being sleep, I finally decided to get some sleep. I was woken up some small amount of time after falling asleep, asked to accompany my sister on some errands so she would have someone to look after her kids.

Miserably tired, I was quite reluctant to say yes, but I knew that my mother was busy with work and would be unable to spare the time. It seemed like it would be a really selfish thing to do to say no, especially when it really just meant "Sit in the car with the kids for however long is necessary, try to stay conscious, and hope they don't start screaming for no reason".

My sister runs one errand, in an effort to make what seems like casual conversation, brings up my general lack of excitability, and then stops the car near the bike shop by my house. She says "Surprise! Mom's getting you a bike!" to which I half-consciously respond "Oh no no, not here, this place is way too expensive. We should check out SportChek."

It's not that I expect a gift from every sacrifice I make, but it's certainly burned into my mind that it isn't impossible. It certainly would've been less surprising if I hadn't mentioned that there was a 50% clearance sale on bikes the very same day. Any potential of visible excitement was thrown out the window when it turned out that SportChek and their sister company were both sold out of the bike I was looking at. Buying online was still an option, however.

That bike being:

I guess I'm just bad at being surprised because I like to be prepared for whatever situation is likely to come in the near future.

While I'm not doing a happy dance or smiling more than usual, I will admit that I had trouble sleeping last night because I was anxious about the bike's delivery, which won't occur until this Tuesday at the earliest, and next Tuesday at the latest.

I certainly hope the world doesn't mistakenly take my lack of excitement as a lack of appreciation.